Psalm 27 – God Confidence

Time in the Scriptures

Pray:  Thank God for caring for you every day, good and bad.

Read: Psalm 27

Verses 1-6 sing a joyous song of confidence in God. What songs, rituals, or other observances help you express God-confidence?

God-confidence makes it much easier to carry out God’s calling, especially when the calling is hard and the opposition is strong. Can you recall a time when you did something “impossible” because you knew God was with you?

Verses 7-12 turn to a lament: the psalmist appears to be in trouble, and is asking God for help. God-confidence does not mean that we will never have trouble, but it does help us know where to turn when we do have trouble.

Intercessory Prayer

Pray for those who are being attacked.

Caring through Action

Encourage someone to trust in God.

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