Luke 22:7-20 – The Last Supper

Time in the Scriptures

Pray:  Thank God, who is willing to share our burdens.

The new covenant promised in Jeremiah is fulfilled by Jesus.

Read: Luke 22:7-20

Passover and the Feast of Unleavened Bread celebrate what key event in the Abrahamic Covenant? (Details are available in Exodus 12.)

Jesus is clearly ready for the meal (verses 10-12 indicate some preparation on his part) but invites James and John to join in the work. Reflect on this model as you consider your own work as a Christian; do you do some small part in a task that God has already prepared? Think of specific ways in which you work as a Christian.

Jesus transforms the Passover meal and institutes a new covenant. Remembering Jeremiah’s description, and Jesus’ own teaching, what are some of the terms of this new covenant?

One way to understand the crucifixion is as a fulfillment of the curse on God if the covenant with Abram failed. Reflect on your understanding of communion as you consider the texts we have been reading.

Intercessory Prayer

Pray for those preparing for their death.

Caring through Action

Look for a way to participate in the work God is already doing.

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