Jeremiah 31:31-34 – A New Covenant

Time in the Scriptures

Pray:  Thank God for being willing to make a covenant with us.

Read: Jeremiah 31:31-34

Remember the covenant that God made with Abram, to give Abram countless descendants and the land of Canaan. Here, God promises the Jews of Jeremiah’s day (during the fall of Jerusalem) that there will be a new covenant. Why? What was wrong with the old one?

Which of the following words or phrases are good descriptions of your relationship with God?

employer/employee parent/child partnership friendship

Employer/ employee

Parent/ child









Look back at the covenants; is your relationship more like the old covenant or the new one?

Intercessory Prayer

Pray for those who are living in a fear-based relationship with God.

Caring through Action

Look for the “law of God written on your heart.” Follow what you see.

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