Genesis 15:1-18 – Cutting a covenant

Time in the Scriptures

Pray:  Ask God for patience

God promised Abram that he would become a great nation. But Abram has moved to Canaan, he is old, and his wife is past childbearing age. There are no children on the horizon.

How do you feel when God seems to be falling down on the job?

Read:  Genesis 15:1-18

God gives Abram a vision, and promises him a great reward. Abram complains – he still has no heir! When reminded of the promise of offspring, God simply renews the promise. Abram responds with faith.

How do you respond when God’s promises are simply repeated, with no hint as to how they will be fulfilled?

God did not only promise offspring, he also promised land. Although Abram trusts God (v. 6), he wonders how to trust this promise (v. 8). God responds with a mysterious ceremony (verses 9-17). We’ll look more at the ceremony tomorrow; for today, think back on promises fulfilled and promises yet unmet, and seek the faith that Abram seemed to have in a God who is not at all rushed like we are.

Intercessory Prayer

Spend time in prayer for people waiting for God’s action in desperate times.

Caring through Action

God often works through people. How can you be part of what God is doing today? If you can’t think of anything else, giving money is one way we can support good work. There are plenty of desperate people in the world – in Ukraine and surrounding refugee camps, in sub-Saharan Africa, and elsewhere.

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