Genesis 12:1-7 – Blessed to be a Blessing

Time in the Scriptures

Pray:  Thank God for God’s promises

God gives rain and sun to all people, but some of God’s promises are made to specific people. Today’s reading prepares us for the covenant God makes with Abram in Genesis 15.

Read:  Genesis 12:1-7

God calls Abram to leave his home and set out for a new land, promising to make him head of a great nation. Have you ever felt God was calling you to some specific task, whether large or small? If you can’t think of any, make an intentional effort this Lent to listen to God: through Bible, through study, through other Christians, through meditation.

On the strength of God’s promise, Abram packs up his belongings and his household, and moves to a foreign land. How have you responded to God’s calls to you?

Why do you think Abram responded as he did? Why have you responded the way you have?

Many settled families might have decided not to trust this call from God. We don’t know how the word came – in a dream? In a waking vision? Through a messenger? – and it’s not always easy to tell whether or not a call is from God. How might history  have been different if Abram had decided to stay put?

Do you think God invited people other than Abram to be the father of the chosen people, and they simply said “no”?

Intercessory Prayer

Spend time in prayer for the following activities and people:

  • People trying to understand God’s call on their lives
  • The people of Ukraine and Russia, especially those directly involved in the fighting

Caring through Action

One of God’s general call to all of us is to love our neighbors as ourselves. Be looking for an opportunity to care for a neighbor today.

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